10 Minute City by Public Transport

Adelaide is a fascinating city, with an ever-growing number of enchanting laneways, charming stores, and tempting bars and restaurants across its 15.5 square kilometres. Unfortunately, it's incredibly difficult to travel this expanse in less than 30 minutes.

My aim is to make the CBD and North Adelaide more convenient by installing a public transport system that will link each corner of the city, where Adelaidians and visitors will be able to reach any place within the City Council limits within 10 minutes.

To make living in, working in and enjoying our city the most compelling proposition, it also needs to be the most convenient option. This ease of transit will make the City of Adelaide a more attractive and accessible option to other local destinations.

This concept helps limit the large suburban buses in the CBD, which will make travel for cars and foot traffic faster and more convenient. Centralising the transition stations will make travelling to and from the city by public transport easier and encourage more use.

How it will work:

  • Localised buses avoid the main streets while maintaining convenience.
  • Bus stops located within 3-4 minutes of destination.
  • Link inner suburbs with an efficient network and outer suburbs with express buses.
  • Connect the Aquatic Centre with the rest of the city.
  • Bike racks on the front of buses to assist riders navigate longer distances, this is a reliable feature in other major cities.
Here's an innovative idea to assist cyclists to utilise public transport to get into the city, before transferring to their bikes to move around the city and surrounds.