15 Minute City - Walking & Cycling

Encouraging more people to walk and cycle to work is the best way to reduce traffic congestion and improve Adelaide's carbon emissions. The previous attempts to accommodate cyclists have been poorly executed, intrusive and created a 'them' and 'us' mentality between riders and drivers. Future solutions need to increasingly bond the walking and riding infrastructure together, as safety is key to encourage people to reconsider their transport into town.

Developing a cycling and walking trail around the CBD and North Adelaide, which goes through the parklands and over all of the major roads entering the city, will be a huge benefit to Adelaide and enhance our parklands and opens more public areas for activities.

It will connect the inner city for riders, and the infrastructure can then follow demand, ensuring it is actually used. Additionally, we would expand the City Lanes projects, using the lines of the Market to Riverbank Link project to enable a safe, enjoyable passage through the city, with pedestrians and cyclists given priority crossing. The concept is adopted in several countries and works to great effect while enabling more efficient traffic.

While there are already streets that preference cyclists, like Frome Road, this causes reasonable division in the community. By separating vehicles from other modes of transport, we can run parallel environments while making the experience much more enjoyable and improving the efficiency for vehicles to get around town.

There are specific initiatives that the Adelaide City Council can take but genuine improvements will need co-operation between the state government and bus companies to integrate a seamless strategy.

Here's an innovative idea to assist cyclists to utilise public transport to get into the city, before transferring to their bikes to move around the city and surrounds.