2 Hours Free Parking for Shoppers

Bringing shoppers back to the City is critical to support the life of the city and the prosperity of our city businesses.

I believe Council carparks should offer shoppers their first 2 hours of parking for free by simply validating their purchases as an incentive to choose the City as their shopping destination. In June 2022 Mc Gregor Tan survey found that 65% of city users considered parking was a barrier hindering a return to pre-COVID use of the city.This support increases the competitiveness of city retailers by removing an inconvenience to city visitation. Adelaide CBD already has the widest selection of retailers with the largest variety of goods in South Australia. 

The CBD also has the greatest concentration of small and family businesses in the state, they provide real choice for customers and keeps the economic benefit in our state. By supporting our local retailers this way we are enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs to establish their businesses and grow to contribute to meaningful jobs and career opportunities, keep and attracting talented people in SA. As at August 2022 there were still only 71% of people returned to the CBD against near 90% pre-COVID.