Adelaide Central Market & AEDA

City businesses deserve to have professional skills based oversight by people who understand their needs, over the $11.6 million investment the city council makes in supporting business activity. The CBD contributes $20 Billion to the South Australian economy which needs certainty on which it can grow and develop.

I will advocate to ensure the Adelaide Central Market management team remains controlled by independent skills based professionals, rather than be brought back under Council control. In my time as President of the Central Market Traders Association I saw firsthand how well meaning councillors didn't understand the commercial reality local businesses needed to negotiate when decisions are made without fully considering the implications.

Likewise, following a lengthy process of planning and implementing the independent Adelaide Economic Development Board (AEDA) to support and promote the businesses and precincts around the City of Adelaide, I will ensure that others don't waste this investment by winding it up by bringing its functions back under Council's control.

Although funded by Council, AEDA has a group of skills based staff, supported by a Board of experienced, connected people that have the entire city's best interests at heart.

Noting AEDA is relatively new to the city, it needs time to build its network. Continue to develop strategies, implement those strategies, study successes and fine tune their ongoing campaigns. This doesn't happen overnight.

Giving AEDA some certainty of longevity is critical right now as our city transitions out of COVID.