Improved Traffic Flow

Improving the traffic flow in Adelaide for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers is crucial to bringing more people into the city to live, work and play. By improving the following aspects, we can ensure a smoother flow for all throughout the city, increasing traffic for businesses and creating a more vibrant and livelier city.

  • Traffic Lights – by improving the coordination and synchronisation of all traffic lights to better advantage vehicles, we can limit the amount of congestion throughout our city streets and establish an effortless commute through the city.
  • Corridors – creating corridors throughout the city backstreets, similar to Peel and Leigh St, will encourage and advantage pedestrians, allowing for less pedestrian crossings on major roads.
  • Decrease big buses in city – by introducing smaller commuter buses that feed people from the fringe and around the full city area, and limiting the number of big buses in the city, we further reduce the excess traffic on our roads.
  • Reliability/Flexibility – Buses will leave reliably and regularly from the feeder stations to ensure commuters get to their desired location within 10 minutes.