Main Street upgrade Hindley Street Upgrade

During the 2018-2022 term of council, the administration prepared Main Street rejuvenation plans for Hutt, Melbourne, and Hindley Street. The state government has committed $1million to Melbourne Street and $3million to Hutt Street, which is planned to be expended this year.

  • Hindley Street needs a significant upgrade to revitalize the precinct and needs a program of works that will roll out the infrastructure in the 22-26 term of council.
  • Prepare a medium-term plan to implement improved street cleaning, road and footpath maintenance
  • Get Scooters onto bikeways and safe laneways to free up the footpaths. We need to work with the state government to install a network with neighbouring councils to create an alternative way to get to and around inner Adelaide. Brisbane already has a functional network, encouraging people out of the car.     
  • Pedestrian crossing lights to remain green until it is no long safe to enter the crossing when the red flashing icon is illuminated and static red icon before the lights change. Too many times the lights are flashing red when it is still safe to cross, which encourages people to ignore the sign. The consistency will make the crossing safer and walking more attractive and efficient.