Capitalise on Ten Gigabit Adelaide

Adelaide is in a unique position as a medium-size city able to capitalise on the digitalisation of our communications and data processing. The roll out of the hardwired connection of our CBD will put us at the head of the world’s fastest connectivity with the most competitive infrastructure cost.

Through this, we can attract new entrepreneurs that will use information and imagination to deliver new business and life opportunities. Adelaide has been said to have 30% 3rd and 4th tier vacant office spaces, so there are ample moderately priced spaces that can house these new projects.

As repetitive jobs are automated, work opportunities will open in new areas where machine learning can supplement our work or where it's not structured and we must continuously adapt. This will come into new areas not imagined previously. The City of Adelaide can be the hub where these new ideas can develop. The high-speed communication can make it possible to collaborate across our city in real time, as the next new thing requires wider disciplinary inputs to bring these new concepts together.