Creating a Functional Council

The Council is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, but by working together with a variety of people who represent the whole community and have a similar vision for Adelaide, we can work quickly to deliver good governance and decision making that actually represents our ratepayers.

I believe in quickly, efficiently and strategically satisfying the greatest needs in our community. Often, it's a three year process to change Council policy, but if we talk early, we can take an entire year out of the timeline to implement new ideas.

It's about getting motions passed - not just talked about.

Putting motions before the Council that have a genuine chance of success, because they've been well-planned and well-presented, is of utmost importance. By gaining the confidence of Council as a whole that there will be a good outcome from the beginning, we can begin work earlier in the best interests of the total community.

Additionally, we should work more strategically with stakeholders early to ensure that advanced budget planning is enacted and be clear when working with community groups to also explain what cannot be done immediately.