Preserving Adelaide's Unique Character

What does Adelaide’s heritage look like?

Is it a red brick building from the 1800s? Is it the bluestone of the 1930-40s? Truth be known, Adelaide’s heritage is a mix of all of the above with more modern design techniques.

Careful planning of our streetscape is important to create unique places that make people feel comfortable. That certainly does not mean every street needs to look the same, but that is the beauty of Adelaide and the uniqueness of our precincts.

Ideally, we need visitors to our city streets to look along its length and think "WOW, look at that..." because the unique, consistent features of that street really stand out. This ensures the street will be remembered, photographed and showcased far and wide by visitors, customers and tourists alike.

Additionally, we need to focus on growing the supply of residential and commercial properties and facilities sustainably. This way, the properties can launch just ahead of needs to ensure a smooth transition and deficiencies are addressed.

The boom and bust approach to city development we currently use just doesn't work.

Incrementally developing the city, of course, requires some forward-thinking and planning, but will enable Adelaide to maintain its attractiveness to locals, visitors and business investors. Studying emerging trends to reflect consumer needs will be critical for Adelaide to become smarter and compete nationally.

Not just with how we build, but with how energy efficient we are. At the Adelaide Central Market, 90% of waste is recycled or composted, with only 10% going to landfill. Energy efficiency has been addressed and a concerted effort has been put towards decreasing the market's environmental and carbon footprint.

I would like to ensure this focus on town planning and heritage preservation is maintained well into Adelaide's future to preserve Adelaide's unique character.