Wine Capital of the World

Did you know that Adelaide is currently ranked Number 2 for food and wine excellence in Australia - behind Victoria?

We are at the centre of rural regions providing food and drinks of exceptional quality, capable of feeding millions of people. Adelaide is a provincial capital and needs to play to its strengths. The future is recognising what we have and building on this excellence. This recognition is our unique selling point, satisfying the need for experiential destinations, nurturing the sole and exciting the senses.

Adelaide’s place as a world wine capital is a staging point to promote us as the hub for amazing sights, sounds and flavours, a clear offer that visitors can visualise, and that we consistently deliver.

Our regions grow almost every variety of grapes expressed in innovative combinations and interpretations. The diversity is what decouples Adelaide from other capitals and it can be encapsulated within the CBD.

As an Area Councillor for the City of Adelaide, I will make this one of my main focusses, in turn expanding our tourism, exports and status as one of the top food and wine capitals of the world.