Scooters off of Footpaths

Scooters have been a on a trial for the last nearly 3 years and it is past time that they have their usage and controls updated. They need to recognised as an alternative means of mobility rather than novelty. There are many examples across the world that can guide the state government in partnership with council to improve the management.  Since the initial role out there have been positive changes such as geo-fencing destinations, QR codes to ensure they are returned to a specific destination that help keep the streets clear and location of the scooters obvious.

The state government is responsible for the regulations that need to be improved to make the scooters less of a nuisance off the footpaths and more versatile as an alternative to car use in conjunction with bikes. A network with neighboring councils needs to be mapped out using safe infrastructure, lanes and paths that can be connected to the city which makes their use convenient efficient and safe. Once the emphasis of their use is altered then more people will see the scooter as an alternative mode of transport rather than a Saturday night novelty.