Represent Adelaide Business Owners

As a successful business owner in Adelaide for almost three decades, I have a unique skillset, built from years of experience and knowledge, that will be beneficial when the Council makes decisions that affect business owners in Adelaide.

While many of my policies directly benefit Adelaide residents, many are also beneficial to Adelaide businesses, including:

  • Retailing – Making access into the city easier, and parking more accessible and affordable to maximise the number of people entering the city. Additionally, making moving around the city easier by coordinating lights to keep the traffic moving. The more people who are in the city, the more they are supporting businesses in the Council area!
  • 10 Gig City – World’s best practice to keep the internet speeds high and attract business to Adelaide. Read more here.
  • Precinct Groups – By providing sufficient networking opportunities and support to local businesses through the precinct groups, including seminars to improve small business' ability to run better, the business community will benefit.
  • Making Adelaide a ‘destination’ – With the right promotion, the Council can help turn the city into a destination, that is then backed up with viable promotions to keep people in the city for longer. This in turn will improve profits in the Council businesses.
  • Renew Adelaide – With 3rd & 4th tier office space availability the highest in Australia, the Council needs to work to utilise these spaces. Through work with startup businesses and other groups such as Renew Adelaide, I aim to use these spaces to help businesses launch and prosper.